I joined the Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS) as it was known then in August 1980 - I thoroughly enjoyed my service, much of my time was spent representing my base, the Royal Navy and Joint Services in many sports. In my last years of service I sufferred a bad injury which left me with a fractured back.

Veterans Housing Scotland offered me the bungalow in which I now live with my teenage daughter as my disability is degenerative.  Having this bungalow has made such a difference to my quality of life, it’s been amazing being able to get on my electric trike or mobility scooter and visit the loch which hosts all kinds of wildlife. This is fantastic as I’m a big nature lover. Veterans Housing Scotland clearly found me the perfect place not just for my disability but for my interests!

As I can no longer work I study with the open university mainly to get some structure to my days and to keep my mind active as I suffered with PTSD after my accident and went into severe depression. I’m currently studying for a Psychology Degree; to date I’ve completed a Law Degree, a PPE (Politics Psychology and Economics) degree, another where I studied Art and Design and others, I love learning.

Kinross is a wonderful place to live, I have 3 other forces families around me and a great civilian neighbour on the other side of me, who couldn’t have been more helpful since I moved in.

I can definitely say this is a wonderful place to live and having the bungalow has given me a better quality of life.

Kim Stokes – Veteran, Women's Royal Naval Service