To ensure your planned work will be accepted, please read over the following guidance note before continuing with your request:

CCTV Cameras

If you're requesting permission to install a video camera, please note that:

  1. All cameras must be fixed and unable to be moved.

  2. Cameras should only point at your own property. Must not cover any public space, including paths and but they must not point at any neighbouring properties.

  3. You must have visible signage indicating that CCTV is present on your property.

  4. You (the tenant) will be responsible for the future maintenance of the equipment.

  5. If the work has not been carried out to a reasonable standard, then, on termination of your tenancy, you may be required to reinstate the work.

  6. The camera's scope should not be outside the property's boundary as advised by Police Scotland's Community Safety section.

  7. A Minor Works Electrical Certificate will be required if any equipment is connected by mains power.

Agree & Continue

Kim Stokes

Veterans Housing Scotland found me the perfect place, not just for my disability but for my interests. I’m a nature lover and enjoy lots of wildlife at the nearby loch; this has improved my quality of life.

Kim Stokes – Veteran, Women's Royal Naval Service