The demand for our quality homes is high so we make being part of our Veterans Housing Scotland family as efficient, informative, and supportive as possible.  We work with partner organisations to ensure you receive the most up to date and accurate information possible so that you are provided with options and can make informed, and important, decisions about you and your family's  housing needs.


  • You must have served in the regular armed forces or been deployed operationally as a member of the reserve forces.
  • Be disabled or have a long-term health condition, which may be physical or mental and need not be attributed to your military service.


  • Referrals from the Tri-Service Personnel Recovery Centres.
  • Homeless with dependants.
  • Homeless.

Veterans Housing Scotland does not operate a waiting list.  We have simplified the application, interview, and allocation process to ensure that successful applicants are housed as soon as possible, but this can sometimes take several weeks.  Sadly, at this stage we are unable to provide emergency accommodation, but we do work with other organisations that may be able to assist you so please get in touch. 

The process will involve an application form which is not too onerous but does ask for a high level of detail about you and your finances to ensure we have all the facts before considering your application further, which will also include us meeting with you and your family to chat through your needs and assess your application. 

Being allocated one of our homes may not turn out to be the right thing for you and your family at this stage in your lives; it may also be the case that we simply do not have a home available for you that meets your needs but in either case our team will continue to work with you and your family to ensure, where possible, you have options.

If you meet our criteria and priorities, and want to be part of our Veterans Housing Scotland family then please contact the Central Office team by calling 0131 557 1188.