Condensation is the easiest damp problem to fix, It can be solved quickly and without the need for professional help. Here are some tips to reduce condensation in your property due to tenants living habits.

1. Better ventilation helps with reduce condensation problems; This can be achieved by opening windows when you are at home.

2. Your bathrooms and kitchens are responsible for the most moisture in your home.  Extraction systems fitted to your bathroom and kitchen should not only be operating whilst you are cooking and showering/using the bath but for a period afterwards. Also supporting is opening a door or window if possible.

3. Sudden rises in air temperature can exacerbate a condensation problem, as water evaporates and condenses each time your central heating system turns on and off.  You may find that having your heating on a low setting is better for damp resolution and air temperature than having it frequently swinging from hot and cold.

4.  Clearing condensation, Make sure you regularly clean your windows of condensation, so it does not cause damage or develop mould.

5. Try to dry clothes outside the home, rather than radiators or clothes horses on sunny days, if you do not have an extractor fan in this room try opening windows and doors when cooking, washing up or showering.

6.  Tumble dryers, If using a conventional tumble dryer please ensure the exhaust pipe is venting outside the property, If you have a Washer/Dryer or condenser there is still a requirement to ensure all window vents, extractor fans are operational and where possible windows and doors are open to reduce condensation build up in the property.

7.  When you sleep at night, The average human body generates 1 litres of moisture whilst sleeping, dependent on number of personnel in the property this would be multiplied, At night if you have window vents in the property this will also support, and you have followed the above suggestions.

Kim Stokes

Veterans Housing Scotland found me the perfect place, not just for my disability but for my interests. I’m a nature lover and enjoy lots of wildlife at the nearby loch; this has improved my quality of life.

Kim Stokes – Veteran, Women's Royal Naval Service