To ensure your planned work will be accepted, please read over the following guidance note before continuing with your request:


  1. It is your responsibility to arrange for and comply with the requirement of any statutory authority such as Planning/Building Control, and you must provide us with a copy.

  2. A permit will be required for the pavement kerb to be dropped. Permission to cross a public footpath is also required from the Highways Department.

  3. The driveway should be made using slabs or a hardcore base that can be infilled with chips. Details of materials should be submitted with the application.

  4. You will also need to include details of how water run-off from the driveway will be controlled.

  5. Metal gates that open inwards must be fitted, and any existing fence should not be removed until the gates are ready to be erected.

  6. Any fencing disturbed to provide access to the driveway must be adequately secured.

  7. Maintenance of the driveway will be the tenant's sole responsibility.

  8. The ground and fence must be restored if the driveway is removed at the tenancy end.

Agree & Continue

Hayden Grant – Veteran

I am grateful to the support given by Veterans Housing Scotland; the charity has really helped in improving the lives of my family and given us a chance to build a decent future.

Hayden Grant – Veteran, Royal Regiment of Scotland