To ensure your planned work will be accepted, please read over the following guidance note before continuing with your request:

Internal Pass Doors

  1. New doors must be hung on the same side as the original and open inwards, i.e. not into any passageway.

  2. New doors must be fitted with suitable handles and latch and two 100mm butt hinges. Bathroom doors must also be equipped with a slip bolt or similar locking device.

  3. Any glazing must comply with BS6262, i.e. glass must be safety glass.

  4. In the interests of personal safety (due to fire and building regulations), folding, sliding, louvre or similar types of doors are not allowed in VHS properties.

  5. Doors must be suitably finished, i.e. painted or varnished.

  6. Where doors are replaced, they should be of a similar quality.

  7. If you live in a flat and have internal fire doors fitted ā€“ you must retain these or replace them with a similar type of door, i.e. 30-minute fire door.

New build properties

  1. If you have replaced the internal doors to your new build property without permission, we may ask you to supply and fit the original doors which were in place at the time of construction. The Property Officer will confirm this at the pre-termination inspection.

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Kim Stokes

Veterans Housing Scotland found me the perfect place, not just for my disability but for my interests. Iā€™m a nature lover and enjoy lots of wildlife at the nearby loch; this has improved my quality of life.

Kim Stokes ā€“ Veteran, Women's Royal Naval Service