You will have made a rent payment for the first period of rent, but it is important that future payments have been arranged with your bank following the instruction issued by Veterans Housing Scotland. Rent is payable monthly but in exceptional circumstances weekly payment could be considered.  Please speak with a member of the Central Office team should you foresee monthly payments being a difficulty.

While we make every effort to secure financial assistance by way of local authority grants and charitable donations the main source of income to maintain our homes is generated through the collection of rent that is set at a greatly reduced rate from those in the private and social rental sectors. 

When is your rent due?

Rent is payable on the date of entry to your property and all future monthly payments are due in advance, and are to be paid following instructions issued by the Central Office team.

Benefit Payments

If you are entitled to Housing Benefit, you must apply separately for this and also let us know as this will require the completion of a declaration form.  Please note your benefit payment may not cover the full rent amount and it is your responsibility to ensure your rent is paid on time and to the correct amount each month.

Rent Arrears

If you are facing financial difficulty and worried about paying your rent you must contact the Central Office team without delay so that we can, where possible, assist you and discuss options of avoiding rent arrears. 

Rent Increases

Veterans Housing Scotland is a charity and does not make any profit, however, it has costs and outlays and inflation means these expenses increase every year.  Accordingly, we will periodically be required to increase the rent charged on our properties.

When a rent increase is to be applied the Central Office team will contact you in advance to notify you of the new rent amount. Veterans Housing Scotland reserves the right to end your tenancy should you not agree to the rent increase.

If you do not pay your rent and do not inform us of any financial difficulty your tenancy may be at risk and Veterans Housing Scotland has the right to consider seeking an application for eviction. 


Hayden Grant – Veteran

I am grateful to the support given by Veterans Housing Scotland; the charity has really helped in improving the lives of my family and given us a chance to build a decent future.

Hayden Grant – Veteran, Royal Regiment of Scotland