The safety of you and your family is essential.  As a landlord, we have a legal obligation to ensure your home is safe.  Our contractors will therefore carry out the following:

  • Annual services of the gas and heating systems, smoke, heat and CO2 detector.
  • A service of the electrical system will be carried out every five years.
  • An annual inspection of the property to ensure any repairs have been carried out satisfactorily and review any safety documentation. During this visit, a visual inspection will be carried out on all areas of the property.  

Veterans Housing Scotland is required to maintain and upgrade our properties from time to time.  We will carry out stock condition surveys, reviewing the kitchens, bathrooms, roofs, heating system, Insulation, windows, and doors of our properties.  Information on this survey can be obtained from the Central Office team.

Hayden Grant – Veteran

I am grateful to the support given by Veterans Housing Scotland; the charity has really helped in improving the lives of my family and given us a chance to build a decent future.

Hayden Grant – Veteran, Royal Regiment of Scotland