Veterans Housing Scotland will carry out repairs to your home when you report them to us. Repairs can be reported to the Property Manager by letter, telephone, in person or by email.   When reporting a repair it helps if you can provide three pieces of key information: Your name, address and contact telephone number; the location and exact nature of the problem (the more information you can give the better); details of any special access arrangements which will enable the trades person to carry out the repair.

How long will it take for my repair to be carried out?

Repairs will be carried out as quickly as possible and may be prioritised depending on the severity of their nature and level of emergency.

What happens if an emergency occurs?

An emergency is when your health or safety or the security of the building is dangerously at risk support services or specialists should be contacted.  

Emergency repairs include:

  • Where there is serious health and safety risk to people in or near the property.
  • Where action requires to be taken to prevent serious damage to the property such as water penetration causing water leakage through a ceiling.
  • Where restoration to an essential facility such as electricity is involved.
  • A security risk because, for example, an external door cannot be secured. 
  • Where there is no heating or hot water.

If a power failure occurs in the property, please call Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks on 105, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If you smell gas you should: 

  • Open doors and windows to allow fresh air in.
  • Turn off the gas at the mains tap if possible, which is usually near the meter. Move the handle a quarter turn until it is at 90 degrees from the pipe to shut off the gas supply.
  • Leave the property.
  • Phone the National Gas Emergencies number on 0800 111 999. Only use a mobile phone from outside the property. The number is free and available 24 hours a day.
  • Follow the advice given by the emergency adviser.
  • Wait outside for a gas engineer to arrive. If you are feeling unwell, visit your GP or hospital immediately. Tell them you may have been exposed to a gas leak or carbon monoxide poisoning. 
  • Do not: Smoke, light a match or use any other naked flame.
  • Turn any electrical switches on or off.
  • Use doorbells, mobile phones or any other electrical switches which could cause a spark.

Fire safety advice

In the event of a fire, make sure everyone leaves the property immediately – call 999 and ask for the fire service. 

Knowing the basics and having a fire action plan – where everyone knows what to do in an emergency – could save lives.

Closing doors behind you as you leave the house will slow down the spread of flames and help protect both people and your belongings from fire but only do this if it is safe to do so.

If you cannot get out of your property, stand by a window if you can so firefighters can see you.

Never open a door if it is warm to touch, there could be fire inside.

Remember, smoke and fumes can quickly overcome anyone. 

The Fire / Smoke Alarms we have fitted will alert you if a fire breaks out. You should never try to disconnect your alarm, remove, or paint over it and you should regularly check that it is in working order, if for any reason you cannot carry out a fire alarm test by pressing the button for 3 seconds, please inform the Central Office team 

Gas safety

Before we lease any property with a gas supply, we will have a full Gas Safety Check carried out.

We will arrange annual service checks of all gas appliances provided by us.

Where the gas appliances are owned by you then you will only receive an annual test on the safety of the gas supply.

We will only use qualified GAS SAFE Registered Contractors.

Any defects identified at the Annual Service Checks will be rectified as quickly as possible.


I feel part of a wider family with the communication and support from Veterans Housing Scotland, and really appreciate them keeping in touch and offering advice and updates as necessary.

Daniel Stott – Veteran, 3 Rifles