Alex joined the Royal Air Force in 1967 and served in the RAF Regiment with 34 LAA SQN, 51 Field SQN and the School of Recruit Training. During his time, he deployed to Northern Ireland, Bahrain, Oman, Germany and Cyprus.

Whilst serving, Alex completed his Further Trade Training 1 Course and was promoted to Corporal in 1971, after his promotion, he trained in BOFORS 40/70, NBC Instructors Course, as well as the Trade Training Instructor Course.

In 1973 Alex had the honour of being selected to go to the RAF School of Recruit Training at RAF Swinderby, to pass on his knowledge and train the newest members of the RAF. Although he thoroughly enjoyed his time in the RAF, he decided after 12 years that it was time for a change in career and in February 1979 he left.

After leaving the RAF Alex became an HGV Driver and he drove until he was forced into early retirement due to ill health in 1990.

Alex first heard about Veterans Housing Scotland in 1995, and moved into a house in Dumbarton in 1996, he enjoyed making the house the family home, however, it soon became unsuitable for his needs and he was given the opportunity to move to his current home in Lauder in the Scottish Borders in 1999. 

Now fully retired, Alex spends his time outside in his garden keeping on top of his pride and joy. 

Alex Bell – Veteran, Royal Air Force