Following the shattering news that I was medically discharged from 3 Rifles because of an injury, numerous operations and years of rehabilitation would not heal, I contacted Veterans Housing Scotland as I needed to find somewhere to live.

Following an interview, I was informed that there was a bungalow that might be suitable.  It was built to the standards for someone with my form of disability.  It was also suitable too as it's in a town close to my family and my wife's family.  It is one of five houses owned by the charity.  Veterans in a similar situation occupy each one. 

My family and I settled in quickly as everyone has helped me and are easy going and friendly.  The house is great as it is a spacious house with a wet room which is ideal as my disability meant I always struggled with baths.

Veterans Housing Scotland was very helpful and got me into the house within a matter of weeks after the initial application was submitted.  It's all done very similarly to moving into Service Family Accommodation - the only difference being you can decorate the house how you want it to be!

I feel part of a broader family with the communication and support from Veterans Housing Scotland. I appreciate them keeping in touch and offering advice and updates as necessary.  A letter from the Chief Executive during the Covid-19 crisis was a nice touch and reassured us that help was available should any of us need it.

Daniel Stott – Veteran, RLC, Attached to 3 Rifles